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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Samtor1 is composed of a strong team of young experts in the field of international trade, By providing services and facilitate for the supply and delivery of high quality nuts products, with the best time to respected merchants and traders around the world, our commitment has always been focused on Sustainable business based on honesty ,transparency and quality , Customers health and satisfaction are more important to us than anything, because we understand that there is no supply without demand , and customers satisfaction .
    We prefer all communications by e-mail to , info@samtor1.com, where your messages will route to the appropriate department. Of course, you may also use a telephone to connect us. Mobile number : +989155603053

    The easiest, safest way is to you click on the ORDER NOW option in the header of the site and send your order request by this form in left side, the team of our professional marketing unit will follow up and respond to your email as soon as possible.

    Saturday – Thursday 8: 00-18: 00 IRST (GMT + 3: 30) – SAT –THU
    Friday is the weekend in Iran ,and closed.
    But we are always online on WhatsApp, and ready to respond to you dear customers .
    Mobile number : +989155603053

    Prices vary depending on the order quantity , payment method , and shipping terms .therefore prices are quoted based on orders and requests. All prices are subject to our final approval , unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Under normal circumstances, most prices are valid for three calendar days.
    Since we do our best to deliver the goods at the lowest possible price to our customers. and each order is unique depending on the terms of delivery and other conditions. It is the best, please you contact us about your product quantity, and let us to check minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.
    NO, Definitely we don’t retail. We are Supplier and Exporter of Iranian Nuts products , We supply the Nuts products in bulk and deliver to buyers all over the world . such as ( Dates , Honey , Cumin , Saffron , medicinal herbs , …)
    natural Honey is produced directly and completely by bees, and humans do not interfere in bee nutrition, and The bees is fed only on the nectar of flowers and plants of living nature .and bees have not been fed any artificial sugar for honey production, It is called natural honey . organic honey is the natural honey, that Bees collect nectar from the flowers and blossoms of plants that have been cultivated without using pesticides, toxins, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified compounds, and after processing, turn it into honey. which Bees should be raised in nature and rangelands away from polluting industrial environments and fields contaminated with agricultural pests , so bees not to feed on the nectar of contaminated flowers. and he honey that these bees produce should be free of any residues of nitrate and toxins, etc.
    any organic honey is definitely natural, but any natural honey can be organic or inorganic. organic honey should be free of toxins and antibiotics from active ingredients and medicines, and its ratio of sucrose to fructose and glucose should be standard.
    The most reliable and accurate method for determining the quality of organic natural honey and analyzing its purity is only based on the analysis sheet of a reputable food laboratory. one of the important parameters for determining the quality of organic natural honey is that * Honey analysis test does not contain any residues of toxins and antibiotics of active ingredients and drugs*